Cavallo - Primus Nubuck

We love these boots! The laces do allow for a degree of adjustability.

Nubuck leather is a very finely buffed suede with a closed grain structure. An additional fat tanning ensures a completely problem-free wearing experience, uncomplicated care and an incomparably cool character. Nubuck leather is also the name for a fine suede leather that is slightly sanded on the grain side, giving it a velvety character. It remains waterproof for a very long time after waxing. Dirt can be washed off either dry or with warm water and a root brush. If the leather becomes spotty when worn, it can be roughened without further treatment by simply rubbing it down or briefly roughening it with a nubuck brush.

Nubuck leather only becomes really interesting when it is worn frequently; it develops its own character with the appropriate patina. (Not to be compared with the harder to care for suede)

The standard Primus Nubuck has no zip - you can also select the options for a rear or front zip.

The outer shaft is produced in your nubuck leather choice and the inside features a grip leather panel in black. Ribbed sole with Vibram heel.

Featuring very high 7cm dressage bow, long back zip, blocked toe and matching standard seams (to your leather choice).

Sizing - The boots are from the classic range and in standard sizes 2 to 12

The SLIM Model is suitable for riders with narrow feet and slim ankles as this boot uses a different "last".

Colours - Black, Anthracite, Mocca, Blue, Hazel and Oxblood.

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