Cavallo - Linus Jump + Lack + Nubuck + Strass

The Linus range of Cavallo boots in the Jumping style is perfect for children and adults alike.

With a range of options in calf heights and widths along with various detail. The Jumping boots are comfortable to wear being made out of a soft nappa leather. They are designed to be more flexible with a cross stretch insert up to the heel cap and elastic lacing. The seam on the top cap and rear long back zipper completes the look whilst being easy to wear.

There is a removable innersole to adjust between full/half sizes - this is particuarly useful if your feet vary slightly or still growing. The elastic panel + long rear zip ensures putting on and taking off these boots is hassle free.

Measuring Guide

Wear the breeches and socks that you would wear whilst riding.

Calf width is measured at the widest part of the calf.

The height of the boot is measured from the floor to the crease behind the knee. Add approximately 2cm to allow for the boot to drop. If you prefer a shorter boot then consider this when measuring.