Fitting Guide Linus C4 Technique

In general terms to order a pair of Linus boots the shoe size, calf width and calf height is required.
You can follow the Cavallo "C4 technique" however only certain measurements are needed.
A link to Cavallo's fitting video is below - the video covers all models,as the Linus range has set sizing a number of the steps are not required, these will be marked not required.


Note your UK shoe size>Click here to see re Shoe Sizing help <

Height - this helps verify the C3 height + 2cm is correct

Height of calf measurement (not required )


*Foot Outlines(not required)

Ball/Instep/Heel heights can be taken and compared to last sizing if you find boots difficult to fit through the foot. The Dressage & Jumping LINUS models use N14. The SLIM cut models use the E14 last.

> Click here to see re Last Sizing/measurements <


Top & Control Measurement

The top measurement(not required)

The Control measurement +2cm to allow for the drop should equal the measurement in C1 and the calf height needed.


(not required)