Cavallo - Fitting Guide PRIMUS & INSIGNIS

Cavallo - Fitting Guide PRIMUS & INSIGNIS

Please read on for our "how to" when it comes to sizing your boots. You can see our comments below along with the C1/C2/C3/C4 images. A link to Cavallo's fitting video is below.

Also consider the time of day you are measuring, afternoon is best.

Please remember to wear your prefered tights/breeches - if you compete in breeches please measure wearing them as they can be thicker and less compressive vs riding tights.

If the boot has no zip or a front zip please note C4/options 11 and onwards are not possible so you don't need to take these measurements. 😊

The outcome of your measurements will assist your choices when ordering.


Note your UK shoe size (see chart/help here)

Height - this helps verify the C3 height + 2cm is correct

Height of calf measurement (not required unless selecting made 2 measure)

Standard sizing is both calves in whole cm - you can opt for custom sizing to choose .5cm or different widths L/R.


*Foot Outlines are only required for made 2 measure

Ball/Instep/Heel heights can be taken. You can choose the last sizing required or Cavallo will choose the most appropriate. For last sizing see here


Top & Control Measurement

The top measurement will help you decide if this needs to be custom sized or not. The standard top select is the calf width less 2cm. I

The Control measurement +2cm should equal the measurement in C1 and the calf height needed.


Often called the ABC measurements these are for boots with a rear zip only. You can often for the standard fit or choose to have custom made.