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E.A Mattes "Design Online" Hunter Contoured Pad - Customer's Product with price 239.00 ID sWyoLaFaJnZMWy3wqJabzI6K

Options - Please select your size Large
Options - Do you need the correctional system? No
Options - Please select your fabric choice Cotton
Options - Please select Cotton/Sheen colour Black 002
Options - Please select your sheepskin options Edge Roll Top Side ONLY - Plain Underside
Options - Please select sheepskin colour Black 022
Options - Please select your Velcro options Bottom
Options - Please select Velcro colour Black 302
Options - Please read re production times Yes I understand
configId sWyoLaFaJnZMWy3wqJabzI6K
productUrl https://www.hufglocken.com/collections/design-online-english-saddle-pads/products/e-a-mattes-design-online-hunter-contoured-pad
_image https://storage.googleapis.com/custom-product-builder/6046017/orders/hufglocken-7627916083438-Zff9gxDj9fcmwu7gDQv5a29A.png