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MATTES Core - Seat Saver for English saddle


Sheepskin seat cover for English saddles


This seat saver has been specially developed for English saddles. It has practical elastic straps between the skirt and the saddle flap.


Specifically designed to fit most styles of saddles, made with 100% genuine sheepskin from the Mattes Platinum range, extremely soft and comfortable.

Elastic fasteners between inner and outer side panel as well as through the middle from pommel to cantle ensure this saddle cover does not slip.

This CORE range product is available in L Size which measures 49.5cms along the spine. To measure points A-B of your saddle for this product, take a measuring tape in cms from the front of the middle of the pommel on the topside of your saddle, down along the curvature of the seat of your saddle, up to the middle of the cantle.