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Which size saddle pad do I need for my saddle?

Which size saddle pad do I need for my saddle?

How to measure correctly in three steps:

The seat size of your saddle is not the only deciding factor, because the shape and size of the saddle padding can differ significantly.

To determine the correct size for your saddle pad, the key measurement is the length of the contact area of the saddle (including the saddle's padding) on the horse’s back.

It should be measured as follows:

Step 1

Using a flexible measuring tape, measure from an imaginary line at the front edge of the saddle padding along the gullet. Follow the contour of the saddle until you reach an imaginary line at the back edge of the saddle padding.

Step 2

Add at least 6 cm. This gives the minimum length for your saddle pad.

Note: Keep in mind saddle pads will shrink over time with washing due to the natural fibres in the materials.

Step 3

Use the saddle pad size table to choose your size (S, M, L, XL). Column A-B gives the back length.

Ensure that you choose the right saddle type when configuring your saddle pad (dressage, general purpose, jumping).

Need help? Just contact us @ support@hufglocken.com We are happy to help work out the best sizing for you.

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