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What is the saddle fix? [EA Mattes]

What is the saddle fix? [EA Mattes]

Mattes Saddle Fix System is an innovative concept that simply attaches the pad to the gullet of the saddle, keeping it secure and perfectly straight at all times.

The Mattes saddle fix system utilises the two slits in the spine of all Mattes saddle pads. The saddle fix system can be threaded through these slits and then clipped onto the pommel and cantle of your saddle. This is very popular with correctional pads to improve stability.

How do I fix my saddle pad to the saddle with SADDLE-FIX®?

Correct fastening in seven steps. To prevent the saddle pad from slipping while riding, use our reliable and fast SADDLE-FIX® fastening system for all English Mattes saddle pads with SPINE-FREE® and EWWA SPINE-FREE®. With the help of SADDLE-FIX®, the central strip of the saddle pad is fixed or chambered in the saddle compartment. This ensures that the saddle pad is always in the best possible position and that the horse's spine remains free.

1 Insert the free end of the SADDLE-FIX® tensioning strap from above through the front slot of the saddle pad. Make sure that the hook is pointing backwards.

2 Run the tensioning strap on the underside along the central strip to the rear slit.

3 Insert the strap from below through the rear slot. Make sure the tape is not twisted.

4 Thread the free end of the tensioning strap through the attached hook and slider. Make sure that the hook is facing forward.

5 Tighten the strap. The underside of the tape must be taut and the hooks must be snug.

6 Place the saddle on the saddle pad and hang the front hook on the pommel.

7 Attach the rear hook to the rear extension between the saddle tree and the upholstery. Make sure that the saddle pad is attached to the saddle as firmly as possible. If necessary, repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 until the belt is fully tensioned.

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