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What Girth shape best suits my horse?

What Girth shape best suits my horse?

Can't decide on what girth shape might best suit your horse? This might help - or send us a message.😃 We are always happy to help and talk through what will be the best solution for you and your horse.


For Sizing - please read this post

The Anatomic Girth

- This is a great option if your horse's saddle sits in the correct spot on the back and the girth naturally does up underneath your saddle

- This Anatomic shape is cutback is design to allow for freedom of the shoulder and elbow

- The girth wraps straight around the horse with stitching and webbing within the structure designed to help disperse pressure.


The Athletico Girth

- We see this design most commonly used on very Athletic type horses. In our Western girth range the Athletico shape is very popular for Quarter Horses & Paints.

- This girth is designed to be used on a horse where the natural tendency is for the saddle and girth to shift backwards. Due to the horses shape ie big shoulders and well muscled through the girth area

- Note the shape - this girth has a slight curve which is designed to combat the backwards shift whilst proving the best possible comfort for your horse.

- "This girth looks really similar to the Crescent? What's the difference?" Check out the curves below, the curves are in different directions to accommodates the horses conformation.

- Do you ever do up your girth and try to tighten the rear hole in a attempt to stop the girth shifting back? Then a "curved" style girth is a great option.

The Crescent Girth

-We see this shape used most commonly on the show horses & ponies. Often these are types with short backs, wide bodies (ahem..) and your girth + saddle slide forwards into the shoulder

- Note the shape - this has a curve that is designed to wrap around your horse and sit forwards into the girth groove.

- Have you ever noticed your girth naturally wants to sit forwards from where your girth points naturally lay? Then the Crescent is a great option

- "This girth looks really similar to the Asymmetric? What's the difference?" Check out the girth images, you'll notice the Crescent is curved in shape whereas the Asymmetric is straighter to accommodates the horses conformation.

- Do you ever do up your girth and notice the rear buckle would really like to be sitting a hole longer than the front? Then a "curved" style girth is a great option.

The Asymmetric Girth

- We find this shape is always popular with Warmblood owners due conformation of big shoulders and a narrow girth groove.

- As the girth is cut back on one side only, this allows for the area to be cutback in a more extreme style giving a greater amount of room for the shoulders to move. 

- Note the straight shape of the girth in comparison to the Crescent and also the horses belly. You'll see the shape of the girth is designed to work with the horses natural conformation whilst allowing the girth to sit in the correct spot.


A final few notes

- Sizing is really important in determining the correct and most comfortable girth for your horse. Please see the "How to measure" article or contact us - we are happy to help. We always prefer helping out than you having the wrong girth!

- "I already have a Anatomic girth and it's made no difference." Yes we hear this often - depending on the brand of anatomic girth many are shaped to appear anatomic with the underlying structure being that of a normal girth ie straight lengths of webbing. It's important to ensure the girth has been constructed to truly help disperse pressure.

- Do these special shapes really help my horse? We control our horses via pressure on their sides - so these girths work to evenly disperse this pressure as much as possible.

In a scientific sense, there are a number of studies - this is a really great read if you are interested.

- "My saddle is..." If your saddle fit needs help, a girth is just band-aid solution so best to get in touch with a professional saddle fitter.

- " I don't want elastic" Have a really sensitive horse?" Girths can be ordered with webbing attachments on the buckles rather than elastic. This said - the elastic used by EA Mattes is very heavy duty and allows for a little stretch without over-tightening.


Need to get in touch with us? support@hufglocken.com

To advise re girth shape ideally please send front and side on pictures where we can clearly see the girth. Please keep in mind these pictures are best taken 20/30mins into work so the girth is sitting in it's true position.






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