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E.A Mattes - The PM System

E.A Mattes - The PM System

The Mattes PM Half Pad is part of the Mattes PM System, developed in conjunction with Peter Menet, designer of Amerigo and Vega saddles. The PM System Half Pads have all the same features and benefits of the original Mattes Half Pads, but the billet straps are replaced by a button hole on each side that goes completely through the pad.

This allows the billet straps of a Mattes half pad to be fed through easily joining and securing 2 pads together. You'll also notice this slit on many top fleece saddle pads to provide you with more options when tacking up.

When the saddle pad is ordered with the PM System for velcro options - your pad will have a lower velcro strap and then a slit at the top just like the Turquoise pad above.

Below shows hows this slit can be used -

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