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E.A Mattes - The Fellsattel

E.A Mattes - The Fellsattel

The MATTES Skin Saddle is based on a completely new idea which combines fl exibility and superior pressure distribution with freedom for the spine/dorsal as well as for the withers.

The saddle itself is made up of three parts -

The Sheepskin seat- this is based on herder style saddles like the Vaque saddle which are designed for stress free and comfortable longer riders. The lambskin can be taken off for easy washing or to change colours. The knee roll angle is adjustable.

The base Support- this ensures pressure is evenly dispersed and needs to be used in conjunction with other parts. There are attachments for English stirrup leathers and western fenders. The stablizing tunnel can be selected in a variety of widths to best fit your horse - these can be changed as needed.

The saddle pad- this includes the correctional system and can be ordered in a variety of shapes (spare pads are also possible to change the shape or colour).

All three parts velcro together for easy assembling. This also allows the saddle pad to be changed if needed. Shapes includeWestern (Square/Round/Peformer/California), in English styles Eurofit Dressage or All Purpose, Square All Purpose or Trekking, Spanish and Baroque cuts.For colours all possible variations from the design online tools can be chosen.

The "heart" of the saddle is located on the saddle pad.This ensures absolute spinal freedom.The girth and the stirrup leather suspension run over a stable vertebral canal.The stable vertebral tunnel can be selected in different widths to suit your horse.There are attachments for either English stirrup leathers or western fenders.Thick padding additionally embeds the stirrup suspension.This skin saddle is also suitable for long-distance rides with stirrups, because the special design avoids pressure peaks. The saddles have 8 D rings in various locations to use with a breastplate or saddle bags.

The COB seat size is offered in S, M and L (The weight limit on this size is 70-80kg)

The FULL seat size is offered in S, M, L and XL

In terms of seat sizes - Small suits a rider 8, Medium Suits a rider 10-12, Large suits a rider 14-16, X Large suits a rider 18-20.

Please see here for more information on choose the saddle pad & seat size

Whilst the Fellsattel stays the same shape you can choose different styles of saddle pads to work with this - Western (Square/Round/Peformer/California), in English styles Eurofit Dressage or All Purpose, Square All Purpose or Trekking, Spanish and Baroque cuts.

For theTunnel (What we would traditonally call a gullet) various widths can be chosen. The tunnel is measured by using a flex curve ruler on your horse, whilst the horse is standing square on even ground and measure over the withers.

Please see here for more information on how to choose the tunnel size.

Some questions we get asked

Can the tunnel size be changed and spare ones ordered? Yes they can be

Do I need to specify what type of stirrup leathers I like to use? Both english leathers and western fenders can be used with the same saddle, there is 3 locations to attatch the leathers onto allowing for both styles.

Can spare pads in different shapes be ordered ? Yes they can be, the sizing just needs to be the same to match your seat and tunnel.

How does this girth up to my horse? A standard 2 buckle style english girth works with the girth straps

What tunnel size is the most common? Whilst it is better to measure your horse we find the 22cm is a popular sizing and what is in the demo saddle models.

How can I see all the colours ? While there isn't a design online tool for this item we suggest you view the design online saddle pads to give an excellent image of how they work together.

If you would like to order this item or see the options please see here

We may also have certain models instock or arriving shortly, these are shown here

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