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E.A Mattes - Features we love

E.A Mattes - Features we love

Mattes Lambskin

Mattes Lambskin is made from lambskins selected after our own specifications with extreme dense and resilient wool

  • Since lambskin has an open structure, air can flow between the fibres, therefore it equalises temperature, it is ideal in summer and winter
  • Can absorb up to 8-times its wool weight in moisture before it feels wet
  • The resilience of the wool is ideal for pressure distribution
  • The upright standing wool fibres can slide against each other, therefore absolutely no friction or chafing nor rubbing on the horses skin
  • Lambskin, because of the afore-mentioned structures, allows development of the muscles

Peter Mattes understands the importance of selecting the proper type of sheepskin for the application. He has perfected an amazing line of saddle pads using this knowledge. The right sheepskin has wool fiber that is dense enough to carry the weight of the saddle and rider without matting down, and long enough fibers to allow the wool to move with the horse’s back, thus eliminating friction. This deep understanding of the characteristics of the materials combines with expertise of equine anatomy that results in saddle pads that are shaped and contoured to the horse’s back. Other intelligent design features are the anatomically correct designed topline, the Spine-Free® channel through the topline and the use of a single hide so no seams come into contact anywhere on the horse’s back. These combined features prevent rubs, sore spots, or pressure. No other sheepskin saddle pad measures up to a Mattes. Remember, a poor saddle pad can ruin a good saddle fit.

Mattes Quilt & Design
  • High Quality twill fabric, as used to produce heavy duty work clothing
  • The inside is a double laminate of POLYFLEX (deep needled polyester felt) and polyester wadding - this construction is absolutely air permeable
  • No foam, neoprene or gel or similar material
  • Mattes Quilt-Design results in a quilt that is firm enough to keep its shape. It does not get lump and it does not turn limp. Thus excellent washing and drying properties. Even after many washings no breaking of laminate along the seams
  • Anatomical correct shape, high wither cut, hence no pressure in the wither area

Why not Merino?

Merino skins are generally heavily advertised as the ultimate material for horse products. Merino is a special breed known for its extremely fine wool. For the production of very fine and soft yarns this wool is uniquely qualified. For high performance equestrian products and other technical products the resilience and density are the major requirements. Therefore Mattes lambskins are strictly selected after these specifications our of "crossbreds" by sorters trained by us at the countries of origin. These have a medium fine, extremely resilient and dense wool.

SPINEFREE - Wither & Spine relief

Our Spinefree design prevents any pressure in the wither area and along the spine. Combined with our saddlefix fasteners it guarantees the exact positioning of the pad. Specifically when combining Mattes sheepskin half pads with our quilt only pads, as a top pad or under pad

Saddle Fix System

Safe & quick fastener system, the ideal improvement to perfect the use of all our spinefree and especially our correction system saddle pads. The centre of the pad is lodged high up in the gullet to allow complete freedom for the spine. For accurate fastening of combinations of our sheepskin half pads with under pad or top pad. No alteration necessary on the saddle. Adjustable for all saddle sizes

Correction System

The system can be integrated into all Mattes pads

  • To compensate for changes in young horses due to their rapid development during training
  • For fully trained horses which change a lot during the season
  • To correct irregularities in the horses build
  • Using a pad to compensate for the lower back, caused by age. It balances the saddle beautifully
  • Slight compensation on a horse with unequal sides
  • Fitting of an initially too wide saddle on a young horse with the possibility to reduce the shims in a flexible way according to training conditions
  • Due to the simplicity of the system it is now possible to compensate for the changes in the fit of the saddle caused by changes in form and condition of the horse during the season
  • Correction system single pocket for exact saddle fitting especially suited for bridging saddles. Bridging saddles are a very common problem, not only with western saddles but also with english saddles

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